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95.9 CHFM is Calgary's legacy Adult Contemporary Station - you might remember it as "Light 96.9" from back in the day, and CHFM hasn't lost it's roots. It's the perfect at-work mix of wholesome, energizing but light music, family and customer friendly with a little bounce to it. Their focus on family friendly, and position as a long-time station in Calgary gives CHFM a loyal listener base and high credibility with it's listeners, two great factors in considering your radio advertising options.

What You'll Hear on 95.9 CHFM

95.9 CHFM's Adult Contemporary format offers a blend of soft rock, pop, and even the odd pop-country hit that keeps the airwaves feeling fresh. This makes CHFM a great all-day station listening station, offering advertisers the opportunity to drive their message home. Playing today's biggest artists like Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran along side classic artists like Madonna, George Michael, and Michael Jackson, CHFM captures their audience with fresh hits and fantastic throw-backs.

Who Listens to 95.9 CHFM?

95.9 CHFM holds a coveted audience of high income earning families, skewing ever so slightly to the female side. CHFM's listeners are more likely to be parents, making them a great station to target services for kids, promotions like Father's Day, and of course, seasonal promotions like Back to School and Christmas shopping. These families are often in the move-up stage of their lives, as yound Gen Xers and mature Millennials. Move-up homes, Renovations, SUV's, Hot Tubs, if you're looking to connect with a spending audience, look no further.

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