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Global News 770 CHQR is Calgary's News Talk radio station, diving deeper into the topical issues and newsmaking events and offering editorial dissection of the issues. The engaging format encourages Calgarians to call in and have their say, be part of the discussion, and often drive the content being discussed on the station. Its the home of CFL and the Calgary Stampeders, and the on-air personalities have established presence in Calgary making them familiar and trustworthy.

What You'll Hear on Global News 770 CHQR

Global News 770 CHQR is a News Talk format station, drawing engagement from Calgarians in the form of discussion starters on "Free for All Fridays" as well as to discuss opinions on newsmaking topics including local, provincial and federal politics, international politics, economic news, and more. Listeners are engaged and actively listeneing for longer periods of time, so advertising on Global News 770 CHQR can build the credibility of your brand, a frequently heard message, and can ultimately help your business grow it's top-of-mind awareness with listeners.

Who Listens to Global News 770 CHQR?

Global News 770 CHQR's audience is a mature skewing demographic that is relatively balanced between men and women. The bulk of the audience belongs to the Baby Boomer generation, and are generally very well established with assets such as their homes paid off, robust retirement savings, and investment portfolios. Advertisers that will have success with this audience are medical clinics, assisted living or mature living condominiums, denture and dental clinics, laser therapies, and financial institutions. This audience heavily influences their adult children and is highly involved with grandchildren, so homes, vehicles, experiences and children's activities and gifts will do well on Global News 770 CHQR.

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