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Calgary's New Country

Advertise on Calgary Radio - Calgary Rad

Grow Your Business with Wild 95.3

WILD 95.3 took Calgary radio by storm in 2014, realizing there was a younger, vibrant country scene in Calgary and that the legacy country station Country 105 was challenged to cover the country loving Calgarian demographic from young to old. Wild 95.3 is an engaging and vibrant Country station that plays the newest country hits. To reach a dedicated, younger audience, Wild 95.3 is an excellent choice.

What You'll Hear on Wild 95.3

Calgary's New Country is a youthful, energetic format who's on-air talent are highly engaging. A technology friendly station, Wild 95.3 is highly engaged on social media, making it feel inclusive and present in the lives of Wild's listeners. The New Country format plays a mix of Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Ashley McBryde, and Luke Combs. locking the audience in with well-curated playlists and a bingeable format - their listeners can't get enough country!

Who Listens to Wild 95.3?

Wild 95.3 is a younger, millennial focused station with a balanced by slightly female skewing audience. Millennials are in the build-up and move-up phases of their lives, making the large spending decisions that last a lifetime, like home buying, car buying, and more. This is a lifestyle audience that enjoys great restaurants, pubs, and nightlife, making them a balanced station to position your business with the Calgarians who need you.

Why choose Calgary Radio Ads?
Success Oriented

We have your best interests in mind. We're only successful when you're successful with your radio advertising campaign.


We recommend only radio advertising campaigns that we're convinced will work - not every budget and business model can succeed with radio advertising in Calgary.


Are you ready for calgary radio or digital advertising? We'll explore if the fit is right and whether you can get a great return on investment with radio and digital advertising.


With over 10 years of successful experience in marketing, sales, and copy writing, we can help create or refine your message for advertising to Calgarians on the radio.

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