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Calgary Radio Ads is here as a resource built to assist Calgary businesses with their advertising decision making. Radio is one of the oldest advertising mediums, and while the world is changing quickly and digital advertising tools are vital and ever-evolving, experts agree that Radio remains a steady and intimate medium for connecting to Calgary.

As a client of radio, and now a representative with intimate industry knowledge, I created this website to tackle some of the questions business owners have about radio so that they can make informed decisions without the pressure that can come with speaking to a sales representative.

Radio is an extremely effective medium for advertising, but it must be done right! Visit the blog on this site to learn how to best leverage the opportunity to speak to thousands of Calgarians, understand how to connect with them, and ultimately generate opportunities to serve them with your business.

Reach out if you haven't found the answers to your questions here, I am here to help.

About Me
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Chris van Kampen, Marketing Consultant

email me | Phone: 403-681-9863

I am a seasoned marketing professional who gained my radio advertising experience working at a local commercial and industrial storage equipment company. Buying radio campaigns taught me a lot about how to speak to a broad audience and what key messaging must be included to make an impact. From that local company I moved on to work at various radio stations in Calgary, giving me well-rounded insight into what works!

My intention is to share information with Calgary business owners about the best practices, effectiveness, and quantification of the results of Radio advertising. I have partners throughout the industry and can refer you to great people, properties, and marketers who can generate sales opportunities for your business. Get in touch and I'll explore with you if and how I can help.