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Radio Commercial Production Cost

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Radio is an effective way to reach Calgarians with your message, but what does a radio commercial cost to produce?

Radio commercials can be produced in a number of ways, you could hire a studio with actors, you can have a jingle made professionally, you could hire an amateur producer, or you could try to do it yourself (don't!). So what's the best, and most cost effective way to have your ads made?

Want to hear what your business's ad would sound like? Get a trial commercial made!

While hiring a 3rd party to create your commercials does potentially have it'e benefits, most radio stations actually include everything for you, from the creative consultation through to writing and complete production. There are some limitations on what radio commercial producers can do within the cost constraints of their included package.

What's generally included in radio station commercial production?

  • Creative brainstorming with (a) creative professional(s)

  • Creative writing

  • Script approval entitlement

  • Production

    • Includes announcers, voice-overs, stock music, sound effects​

  • Produced commercial approval entitlement

  • Multiple creatives throughout your campaign

    • Pro Tip: Run your creative for a maximum 3 months to keep it fresh in your audience's minds

What's generally not included in radio station commercial production?

  • Professional actors (radio stations will provide voices but it can be difficult to achieve professional acting from internal station voices and announcers)

  • Licensed music from popular artists (this needs to be agreed to via third party agency as musicians generally do not give their music away for commercial purposes)

  • Jingles (Radio stations do not hire singers and musicians for production of radio commercials, but they can recommend third parties that do a great job, such as Gimme A Jingle

  • Unlimited revisions and creatives (Often radio stations will begin to charge extra if ​commercials require too many revisions after approvals have been given)

Should your business's radio commercial production need to go to a third party, radio commercial production costs can vary from amateur to professional studios, but they have been quoted at $250 per spot by some of the studios we've worked with. Jingles can cost anywhere in the $3,500 range, but can create a wonderful and memorable sound that makes your spots even more impactful on your audience.

Depending on the scope of your budget, the goals of your campaign, and other factors, we can explore all these options with you to determine the best mix of services for you. In most cases, in-house production by your radio station is sufficient and very well done, and will put your best foot forward with your audience.

Contact us today to explore radio advertising, or create a commercial spec (a test commercial you can hear before deciding to advertise) by engaging with our creative team.

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