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70s 80s and MORE

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Grow Your Business with XL 103.1

XL103 is a radio favorite in Calgary, and is a legacy brand that Calgarians know and trust. With local program direction and on-air talent, XL103 is authentically Calgarian, intimately in tune with the goings-on of the city with regards to entertainment, events, and news. XL103's street team are seemingly everywhere there's a crowd, handing out sunglasses, refreshments, and creating engagement and energy around Calgary. With veteran presence on the air from Heather & Buzz in the morning and Bob Steele in the afternoon, XL103 feels like family, and the classic tunes are familiar and beloved. Advertise your business to this audience and grow your business today.

What You'll Hear on XL 103.1

XL103's Classic Rock and Oldies format has begun to modernize with the times, embracing a little more 80s than it traditionally did. With a deep and familiar playlist boasting artists like Queen, The Police, U2, Colin James and Corey Hart, they're rocking the authentic and beloved music Calgarians can ralley around. A crowd pleasing station like XL 103 is sure to be the consensus pick at the family barbeque, social events, at work and in the car.

Who Listens to XL 103.1?

XL103's audience is very balanced between male and female, and certainly trends toward the young Baby Boomer and Gen X age group. This coveted audience are experiencing change in their lives, with older teenagers, college aged kids and adult kids starting to fly the coup. This is the audience to hit for downsizing homes, luxury vehicles, golf memberships, RVs, vacations, and more, and they'll heavily influence their kids for their first homes, be them condos, townhomes or starter homes. This audience is moving into the empty-nester years and have their mortgages paid off, meaning theyb have time and money to being to truly enjoy life! Casinos, concerts, restaurants and more will find excellent reach on XL103 to grow their business.

Why choose Calgary Radio Ads?
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We have your best interests in mind. We're only successful when you're successful with your radio advertising campaign.


We recommend only radio advertising campaigns that we're convinced will work - not every budget and business model can succeed with radio advertising in Calgary.


Are you ready for calgary radio or digital advertising? We'll explore if the fit is right and whether you can get a great return on investment with radio and digital advertising.


With over 10 years of successful experience in marketing, sales, and copy writing, we can help create or refine your message for advertising to Calgarians on the radio.

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