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Advertise on 90.3 AMP Radio

Calgary's Better Hit Music Station

Advertise on Calgary Radio - Calgary Rad

Grow Your Business with 90.3 AMP Radio

90.3 AMP Radio is "Calgary's Better Hit Music Station". What makes it "Better?" 90.3 AMP Radio is a locally managed station in Calgary with well known local on-air talent like DJ Kav, Katie & Ed in the mornings and more. Their edgier humour and content is must-listen, and their hyper-local engagement is a more authentic experience that connects with listeners on a more intimate level. 90.3 AMP Radio is active in the community with their street team repping at popular events, and boosting awareness of the station at busy hang-outs. Advertising on 90.3 AMP radio is sure to connect with your business's audience.

What You'll Hear on 90.3 AMP Radio

90.3 is a Top 40 Station, playing Calgary's hit music including artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and more. It's an energetic listen that's perfect for work, driving, listening to on weekends and more. While some Top 40 stations have a shorter time spent listening, 90.3 AMP Radio has listeners that binge all day long, making it a great station for reaching your audience multiple times a day.

Who Listens to 90.3 AMP Radio?

90.3 AMP Radio's demographics are balanced with a female skew, high household incomes, and a younger audience primed for first time home buying, car buying, and all things wedding and baby related. Advertise on 90.3 AMP Radio to reach the coveted Millennial audience of life-builders, Calgarians who are in the expansion phase of their lives and are making the largest buying decisions they likely ever will.

Why choose Calgary Radio Ads?
Success Oriented

We have your best interests in mind. We're only successful when you're successful with your radio advertising campaign.


We recommend only radio advertising campaigns that we're convinced will work - not every budget and business model can succeed with radio advertising in Calgary.


Are you ready for calgary radio or digital advertising? We'll explore if the fit is right and whether you can get a great return on investment with radio and digital advertising.


With over 10 years of successful experience in marketing, sales, and copy writing, we can help create or refine your message for advertising to Calgarians on the radio.

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