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Your favorite songs from TODAY and from the 80s and 90s

Advertise on Calgary Radio - Calgary Rad

Grow Your Business with 101.5 Today Radio

101.5 TODAY Radio is Calgary's newest radio station, formatted as Hot Adult Contemporary, boasting a fantastic curation of "soundtrack for my life" style music. 101.5's deep mix of tunes includes today's hottest artists with infusions of nostalgic favorites from the 90,s, 2000's, and more. The energy eminating from your radio when you listen to TODAY Radio will keep your head bopping and your workday moving as the "evolution of radio" keeps you guessing and delighted by "What song is up next?". Reach this audience with your business's advertising to attract new customers today.

What You'll Hear on 101.5 Today Radio

The Hot Adult Contemporary format of Today Radio offers a unique mix of fresh hits with shots of trending nostalgia, including hits from today's iconic stars like Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Katy Perry, while completely changing gears to include favorites like John Mellencamp, Great Big Sea, and old school Christina Aguilera. Think it all doesn't work together? Think again! The linear curation from their program directors and on-air talent makes for a curvey but smooth ride all day long.

Who Listens to 101.5 Today Radio?

TODAY 101.5's audience is enromous, boasting top 3 reach for all stations in Calgary. You'll reach the coveted Adults 25-54 demographic here with a very balanced male and female audience. High household incomes are key to this demographic who is in the spending years of their lives, both building and upgrading homes, buying first and move-up cars for growing lives and families, and also capitalizing on the changes in people's lives at the build-up, upgrade, and downsize areas of people's lives. Reach a devoted audience on TODAY 101.5 - these listeners will have a hard time changing the dial with a music list this deep and this energetic.

Why choose Calgary Radio Ads?
Success Oriented

We have your best interests in mind. We're only successful when you're successful with your radio advertising campaign.


We recommend only radio advertising campaigns that we're convinced will work - not every budget and business model can succeed with radio advertising in Calgary.


Are you ready for calgary radio or digital advertising? We'll explore if the fit is right and whether you can get a great return on investment with radio and digital advertising.


With over 10 years of successful experience in marketing, sales, and copy writing, we can help create or refine your message for advertising to Calgarians on the radio.

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