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Playing What We Want

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Grow Your Business with JACK 96.9

JACK 96.9 is one of Calgary's most unique stations with lots of attitude! Hailing from the glory years of the early 2000s, JACK was a mould-breaker in mixing so many genres together. At the time of the genesis of iPods and MP3 players, people were starting to mix massive playlists of their own, and JACK capitalized on this trend by offering their own massive mix, and not taking any requests. "Playing what WE Want" became JACK's slogan, and they hilariously rejected requests on-air to let people know this isn't a democratic playlist. JACK's huge, curated playlist has some jukebox favorites with some twists and turns its listeners don't see coming. Advertise on JACK... a funny and quirky station that's bingable and keeps people on the dial.

What You'll Hear on JACK 96.9

JACK 96.9's format is Classic Hits, and was so unique at launch time they had to create this format with the CTRC. Mashing tunes together from Barenaked Ladies, Guns N' Roses, Roxette, John Mellencamp and The Tragically Hip, the variety on JACK 96.9 is uncontested in Calgary and the unpredictability of the playlist, while seamlessly curated, keeps listeners surprised and delighted with whatever's coming up next. Don't let JACK 96.9's self-depricating style fool you: this is a powerful station with strong reach and can help your business grow it's customer base.

Who Listens to JACK 96.9?

JACK 96.9's listeners are comprised of a balanced, slightly male skewing demographic. They're primarily Gen Xers with slim edges in older millennials and young boomers, primed for both move-up lifestyle choices like larger homes, more expensive vehicles, family purchases like RV's, and entertainment like casinos, concerts, and more. Reach this audience with your messages targeting moms and dads of school-aged kids and teenagers, children of mature parents, and active family lives and you'll successfully reach the right people.

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