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Maximize Your Sales Opportunities

Maximize sales opportunities with Radio by following the three step formula for success. With the right audience, great creative, and a potent frequency, you can increase your web traffic, in-store opportunities, and phone calls to your business that create the sales opportunities you've been missing.

  • The Right Audience

    • Connect with the right audience for the best results! Every radio station has a target audience and a unique position in the market, so it's important to understand who your radio commercials will be heard by. It's also important to speak your audience's language, and understanding who they are is the first step.

  • The Right Creative​

    • Great creative is an extremely powerful part of your campaign's success on radio. It's all about what you say and how you say it! Create an excited buzz around your grand opening, maximize in-store traffic for your big sale, sell tickets to your upcoming event, or inform the public about your unique offers with Radio and your sales opportunities will grow! Our creative team is here to help with all of it! Get in touch to learn more.

  • The Right Frequency for your Campaign Term

    • The goals of your radio advertising campaign, and the nature of your Calgary business, will dictate ​the kind of radio advertising campaign you should activate. A one-time event may need a short term but heavier rotation to capture more Calgarians in a short amount of time. A branding and awareness radio advertising campaign should be longer term and can have a lighter weekly rotation. Speak with a Calgary Radio Ads expert to explore the right mix of term and frequency to achieve your radio advertising campaign goals.

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