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660 News is Calgary's all-news radio, a trusted staple on the AM dial for Calgarians of all walks of life. Positioned (unofficially) as a 2nd favorite radio station on its listener's dials, 660 News shines in the news cycle format, generally checking in on the day's top stories every half hour to hour, and updating them as details emerge. 660 News is a highly trusted news source, and advertising to this audience can position your business to build off the credibility listeners associate with the brand.

What You'll Hear on 660 News

660 News focuses on integrity and trust in reporting events, crime, weather, traffic, and other topics from Calgary and around the world. 660 News is a pure reporting station, staying away from editorials, opinions, and an engaging "talk" format. With the cyclical nature of 660 News, Calgarians can get a shot of news often within their commute to and from work. Since 660 News updates the day's stories often throughout the day, there is a shorter time spent listening, and they make up for that with heavier ad schedules at a lower than average spot rate (commercial price.)

Who Listens to 660 News?

660 News boasts a well-rounded and attractive audience to many advertising clients. Listener demographics are balanced between male and female, and have a wider stroke of generations listening from middle millenials to middle aged baby boomers. It's a business station with regular market uipdates that attract financially literate and affluent listeners. Engage this audience with value on an intellectual level and you'll success in industries where trust is paramount, such as medical clinics, financial advice, renovations, car and home buying, and more.

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