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Advertise on 88.9 Shine

Safe and Fun for the Whole Family

Advertise on Calgary Radio - Calgary Rad

Grow Your Business with 88.9 Shine

88.9 Shine FM is a Contemprary Christian radio station in Calgary that plays music that is "Safe and Fun for the Whole Family." Along with playing up-beat Christian music, 88.9 Shine FM's programming often features Christian stories, prayers, and Christian content for the soul. Advertising with Shine FM is affordable, credible, and will help you grow your business.

What You'll Hear on 88.9 Shine

88.9 Shine FM's Contemporary Christian format is an uplifting, energetic and spiritual listening experience, and the Christian identity of the station strikes its devoted listeners as trustworthy. Brand alignment with 88.9 Shine FM offers the opportunity to build on that trust, connect with customers, and ultimately help businesses grow.

Who Listens to 88.9 Shine?

88.9 Shine's listeners are extremely loyal, and the stations demographic is a balance of women and men with a Christian focus. Because of the station's smaller but more captive audience, they rely on demographic information collected through their loyalty programs rather than through independent surveying through third party sources such as Infosys and Numeris. First party demographic data should be a reliable source to share of data and insights that allow you to focus on reaching the Calgarians you want with Radio Advertising.

Why choose Calgary Radio Ads?
Success Oriented

We have your best interests in mind. We're only successful when you're successful with your radio advertising campaign.


We recommend only radio advertising campaigns that we're convinced will work - not every budget and business model can succeed with radio advertising in Calgary.


Are you ready for calgary radio or digital advertising? We'll explore if the fit is right and whether you can get a great return on investment with radio and digital advertising.


With over 10 years of successful experience in marketing, sales, and copy writing, we can help create or refine your message for advertising to Calgarians on the radio.

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