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Advertise Online with Google, Acuity, and more

Google has become synonymous with online advertising for many people, but while Google is a very powerful advertising platform, it is not the only one. Advertising on Google alone will provide results, but what if you could use the power of Google in combination with 24 other advertising exchanges

Target Users Like Those who Click Most Often

Advertising through Acuity is like buying advertisers from a broker service - Acuity automatically looks for the least expensive option to reach your customers using 25 different ad exchanges. Acuity then uses a machine learning algorithm to maximize the highest performance and eliminate lower performance by identifying which audiences are most responsive to your ads, and then targeting more people like them.

For example, if you're advertising a Furniture Store, and you did not target anyone specifically by gender, age, or income, the machine goes to work for you. As more people click your ad, Acuity builds "profiles" of the users who are clicking- so if Acuity find that women aged 30-55 with a household income of $90K+ tend to out perform other demographics, it will look for more users that fit that profile.


Acuity uses this algorithm to make your campaign smarter every less than a minute, so you have confidence that your campaign will get smarter and provide stronger results as the sample size grows.

Digital Advertising Targeting Tactics

If you have a great profile of who you're looking to target, Acuity online advertising's systems offer some of the most advanced targeting tactics, including:

  • Consumer Interest Profiles

    • Reach audiences based on their browsing history, which creates a profile of who they are and what they are interested in​. For example, a user who reads about the top schools in Calgary, parenting magazines, extra-curricular activities, and new homes online is likely going to be a parent with school aged children.

  • Contextual Targeting​

    • Display your online ad in front of users as they read related content to your services online, for example, if someone is reading about painters in Calgary, or how to paint interior walls, etc, a painting business could put their offer in front of that user in real time on the page they are reading right now.​

  • Category Targeting

    • Certain publications lend themselves to specific audiences, and some businesses fit very well in Category targeting. For example, a golf course in Calgary would be smart to advertise online on a popular golf website- it is likely that golfers and enthusiasts are reading about the sport they love to play.

  • Geographical Targeting

    • Advertise online specifically to a geographical region, like Calgary, or neighborhoods within Calgary. There are many strategies behind this, for example, a furnace company may want to target only neighborhoods with homes that are 10+ years old for service or furnace replacement. Newer homes have new furnaces and likely wont need replacements. A neighborhood pub ​may want to circle a 5km radius around their location to serve ads online to only those homes, understanding that most of their core patrons come from within the neighborhood.

  • Website Re-targeting

    • Stay in front of users who have visited your site - imagine someone is interested in your products or services but gets interrupted or needs to think about your offer. Re-targeting is a persistent way to keep your online advertising in front of that user and encourage them to come back to make their purchase or engage with your company.​

Get Started


Our unique mix of advertising exchanges, combined with our machine learning capabilities and advanced targeting have proven to be the formula for online advertising success. We offer full creative services including graphic design to make your advertisements stand out and bring users to your site to create sales opportunities. Contact us today to get started or to ask any questions you may have.

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